Saturday, November 05, 2005

GG Michaëlle Jean's big mouth

Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean's recent disparaging remarks criticizing Parti Québécois leadership candidate André Boisclair demonstrate poor judgment in handling her position. Mme. Jean is supposed to function as Queen Elizabeth II's ceremonial head of state in Canada, and not muck about in partisan politics or personality attacks.

Her smart-aleck remarks aoubt M. Boisclair and about the PQ separatists are simply adding fuel to the fires of separatist rage. It is difficult for anglophones to comprehend why many Quebecois francophones publicly support separation - this is an issue I'm eager to begin exploring more thoroughly - but I believe it is a terrible, foolish mistake for Canada's GG (who was handed her well-paid hyper-prestigious job "on a silver spoon" as a patronage gift from an admiring PM Martin) to embarrass the Queen and the people of Canada by shooting her mouth off on subjects she is not qualified to comment on.

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