Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Peace Arch Park

Twin Children of a Common Mother
"Peace Arch State Park is a 20-acre day-use park commemorating treaties and agreements that arose from the war of 1812. The park celebrates the unguarded United States/Canadian border that stretches from the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. The park features horticultural exhibitions and the giant, commemorative, concrete arch that straddles the border of the two nations. The countries co-maintain the monument."

Peace Arch border incident today

Two American murder suspects attempted to elude police and jump the border into Canada in a frightful high-speed chase today at Peace Arch. See stories at Seattle's KOMO4 TV and KING5 TV including video. Whatcom County Sheriff's deputies stopped the fugitives' vehicle four feet from the Canadian border!

Do you think the unarmed Canada Border Services Agency officers are worried about what might have happened if these fugitives had eluded the American police and arrived on their doorstep?

Monday, January 23, 2006

Judgment Day in Canada

Today Canada's voters will exercise their opportunity to slog through the snow and ice to weigh in on their nation's future. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Seattle Seahawks are going to the SuperBowl in Detroit two weeks from today, after defeating the Carolina Panthers 34-17. WAY TO GO, SEACHICKENS!

Paul Martin: care to go on Saturday Night Live?

As I'm watching the Seattle Seahawks playoff game against the Carolina Panthers (at this point in the 2nd Quarter, Seahawks 17, Panthers 6), a brilliant suggestion for Mr. Paul Martin, Jr.:

Why not offer to appear as a guest on Saturday Night Live? Your act last night playing guitar at a campaign event in Winnipeg, Manitoba would be fun to repeat to a North American-wide audience.... especially since you will doubtless need to use the Government of Canada's Relocation Services to move out of 24 Sussex Drive.

I am sure you would have a great time on SNL - look what it did for Al Gore's self-confidence when he appeared on SNL after losing the 2000 Presidential race?

Paul Martin Lies: Martin predicts comeback like in 2004

Paul Martin Lies reminds us of the Liberals' distorted, incongruent thinking as Canadian voters go to the polls tomorrow. Paul Martin Lies: Martin predicts comeback like in 2004

Fighting for Taxpayers: Cross-border shopping

Some BC Government bureaucrats are attempting to bully Costco Wholesale into divulging private details of their members to the Province, so that the Province can identify purchases by BC residents and retroactively impose BC PST on those purchases. Very strange. Fighting for Taxpayers: Cross-border shopping