Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Welcome to Can-Am Politics!

DNC misidentifies Canadian soldiers as Americans!

The Democratic National Committee's website aimed at "veterans and military families" contained a hugely embarrassing gaffe last week: the site posted pictures of a uniformed Canadian Forces soldier on the front page with the heading, "New Poll Shows GOP Broken Promises Hurting Our Troops".

The DNC just updated the "veterans and military families" site, omitting the pic of a brave Canadian Forces officer with a very tattered-looking U.S. flag.

More coverage on this bizarre fiasco at:
Michelle Malkin

Why, oh why, can't the lovers of freedom figure out what an AMERICAN military uniform looks like!

Canada's aid to North Korea

Blogger Steve Janke has outlined several multi-million-dollar aid projects paid for by Canadian taxpayers to benefit North Korea.

The appalling question has to be asked: if North Korea so desperately needs emergency food aid from Canada and other industrialized countries to feed its people, why is it spending staggering amounts of money developing nuclear weapons technology?

South Korea's appeasement policy

In the aftermath of North Korea's claimed nuclear test on Sunday, it appears that South Korean government officials are continuing to naievely cling to a "peace at any costs" appeasement policy.

I watched President Bush's press conference this morning and will be jotting down more thoughts shortly.