Thursday, May 25, 2006

The U.S. Senate and Immigration "Reform"

In recent weeks, I've been avoiding writing on my blog for various reasons including the recent death of two people who played important roles in my life. It may take some time to share a bit more about the grief around those losses.

I am briefly expressing my extraordinary disappointment at the U.S. Senate's bizarre "Immigration Reform" legislation. If passed by the House, this legislation would cheapen the rule of law by rewarding individuals who have illegally entered the United States.

To my Canadian friends: has anyone talked to Michel Jalbert of Pohenegamook, Quebec about what HE thinks of the Senate's action? Most Yanks have forgotten M. Jalbert's miserable experience of being arrested and imprisoned by U.S. border patrol officers in the tiny hole-in-the-border "Gaz Bar" at Estcourt Station, Maine in October, 2002 for allegedly entering the U.S. illegally. I understand after several months of legal hassles by Uncle Sam, he was forced to sign a confession and permanently banned from entering U.S. soil for life.

I'll bring back some of the stories about M. Jalbert to refresh your memories, which underscore just why the Senate's bizarre pandering to illegal immigrants from Mexico suggests this is a government which is developing what I'd call the "French disease."

Stay tuned.....